Hello! Welcome to The Friendly Stranger. Fancy code incoming, but for now, here's some text.


The Friendly Stranger is a chill hangout for both OoC fun times and RPing if you're interested! You can also park some names in here and lurk. LGBTQIA run and friendly. Setting, for those who do want to RP, will be devloped. This is not a smut focused room! If you want to flirt in room, for sure, go hog wild pal but any sexual interaction will need to move to PM. There are plenty of smut focused rooms here on RPH, this little corner is a bit of a break from all that. 


That being said, here are the rules. Mods are here to make this a comfortable place for all players AND ourselves. Each situation will be treated with nuance and context. For any concerns, please try to get screen shots and come to a mod ASAP. We will handle it the best we know how. Here are the hard and fast rules of the room:


  1. 1. Age required to be listed in your profile, and that age must be over 18. No images of children, art of children. If you cannot prove that the character in your art is over 18, you'll get booted until you change it. We do not want anything CP or pedophilia related. Please respect this.


2. As this is not a smut focused room, please don't bring in your incest, porn gif, fetish focused names. Again, plenty of rooms elsewhere on the site for that. 


3. No fucking Nazis. Fuck off. 


4. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, white nationalist speak, etc. even as 'jokes'. 


5. If someone tells you no, or is ignoring your actions, chill out. If someone is not taking your no as a no, please alert the mods with screen grabs. Conset, even with OoC, is important here. While we cannot control your actions in Private Message, if it is reported that you are not taking a no IN room, if you are also not taking a no in private message, it won't look good for you. 


6. If you need to report a mod, please document the interaction and reach out to another mod. 


7. You will get booted before you get banned, unless it's an egregious offense. If you get booted and come back and continue to act a fool, you'll get banned. Some bans will be forever, others not. 


8. Mods are human beings, but we will do our best to be fair. The comfort of the room, and people having a good time is top priority. Don't harsh that vibe. 


All in all, have a good time but not at the expense of other people.