Las Vegas


Welcome to Las Vegas, the City of Sin.


The Underworld Hotel


The Underworld is a Casino & Hotel on the Vegas Strip near the Famous Luxor Casino. The Casino is only for Adults and as such no one under the age of 18 is allowed with in the doors. To even enter the Casion everyone is carded and given wrist bands.

The Casino was made by People in the supernatural world, for the pleasures of supernatural creatures. Humans are allowed, and even encouraged to enter. But the Casino takes a hard stance on 'No killing' at least within their walls.  Since dealing the human police can be a pain in the ass.


Sinister Pleasures


Sinister is a brothel, escort, and strip club located with in the walls of the Underworld Casino. Rhys Owns and runs the Club, but has to pay high rent to the Casino to operate with in it's walls.




A Large Night Club within the Casnio. On any given night, you never know what one might see.




1. No God Modding. This should go without saying


2. Everything goes with the typists consint.


3. Making out is allowed, but anything beyond heavy petting needs to go to DM.

4. Please don't kill the humans within the Casino's grounds.