The Scout Regiment


- NO IC/OOC drama is tolerated. This means cliques who gang up on people who are not in their little circle. Everyone is equal here, and will be like a family. Troublemakers will be dealt with, given warnings then banned if they continue.


- No elitism. You are no better than anyone else, and if you are going to cut someone down on how they portray a character, this is not the place for you.


- NO SPOILERS! Spoilers consist of everything before the last two episodes of the anime, and the last four chapters of the manga. I cannot restrict this too hard, because then we would forever be stuck rping season 1. 


- NO BIGOTRY/RACISM/HATE OF ANY KIND! This should be common sense. If you hate on people for stupid reasons, you will not be tolerated.


- Try not to take things personally. There will be conflict IC between characters, it happens. Remember to speak up OOC if you feel the player themself is being rude.


- OOC chat is fine, but if it gets to the point where it is filling up the room and is between two people specifically, please be kind enough to take your conversation to PM.


- All mods are trusted by the room owner to use their better judgment to kick/ban or give warnings as they see necessary.


- OC's ARE welcome~


- Last rule, have fun~ It's what we are here for, to explore the world of Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin and enjoy portraying our favorite characters! Any problems, speak to a mod or the owner ASAP so we can work out whatever has gone wrong. We are all adults here, let's not act like high school kids, please.

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Commander - 

Captain - Captain Levi

Squad Leaders - 

Soldiers - 

Titans - 

This group was made for everyone who is a fan of the Attack on Titan series. Even though it is called The Scout Regiment, it is an all encompassing group or the entire universe. From Paradis to Marley, all characters and settings can and will be played here.

Welcome to The Scout Regiment. We are the men and women who are the first line of defense against mankind's oppressive foe. The Titans. We go out on routine missions to try to obtain any information possible about the enemy that threatens to terminate us all. We are the few brave enough to look into the face of a creature so disturbing, for the sake of humanity. Weak hearts have no business here. Come if you wish to join the fight in saving mankind and end our lives hiding behind walls. Offer up your hearts in exchange.. for Wings of Freedom.