We are here to give you a fun place to rp. Our group will be more detailed and later edited. But for now this is what we have to offer and we apologize. We aren't here to cause trouble so please keep drama out of the room. Characters of all ages, races, genders, what have you are welcome. ANY and all LFRP posts are welcome! But don't spam the same one over and over again. A discord server will be made to help you find your RP but keep rp here in the website.


We have rules!

1) NEVER come in with a blank profile. Blank profiles will be considered troll profiles. If you are caught having a blank profile within the room, you will be kicked as a warning with a PM.

2) If someone causes you issues, take it to PM. Don't cause drama in the room, both parties or all that are partaking in the event will be kicked.

3) Coming in with multiple names is fine. But if you're caught with a troll name(Rule 1) or anything of the like will be kicked as a warning.

4) Everyone has their character and playstyle preference. If you have an issue with Shota, loli, fur, etc. don't come and start trouble. Our rules will NEVER change for anyone. We don't care for what reason.

5) Drawn images such as cartoon, anime, painted, scetched are considered art. They are NOT real, which infact goes under the freedom of speech law. If you have issues with someone's use of images, don't bother coming in.

7) Lastly, have fun! We are all friendly here, so please enjoy!



I am looking for someone to help make this group page look better. If you're experienced hit me up!