Typically using an entryway is not overly exciting. There are times though, when turning the handle to a door, pushing on the wood and hearing the crack of the frame can be the single most exhilarating moment of your life... You find yourself entering a tea house, large, expansive, everchanging, and thanks to one particular benefactor, everlasting in its mysticism and oddities. Run by the twins Atticus and Astrophel, we welcome you patron. Have a seat, find a room, and enjoy the warmth of our tea. Speak softly or don't speak at all. You may find yourself running corridor after corridor, but we kindly ask you steer clear of the purple door.

Or perhaps you have desires deeper than light refreshments? The company of another, let the mind travel down paths of discourse and deliberateness. Might we offer the services of a friendly host, let your time here be as exquisite as the company you may keep...but please, payment up front is required for any and all host services no matter the depravity.

Looking for a job? Message or request either of the twins to inquire about a position!





1. Be respectful of other teahouse guests and staff. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated, including but not limited to stalking, trolling, bullying, and any other behaviour of the sort. Bear in mind, if there is OOC drama and you feel the need to bring it to a mod, come with screenshots and proof. We don't play he said she said games here.

2. Three warnings will be provided for any breach of the rules. Bans may be issued for repeated offenses, depending on the severity, and are at the moderation team's discretion.

3. Discrimination in any form will not be tolerated in the Tea House, nor will derogatory slurs, including but not limited to racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, body shaming, slut shaming, kink shaming etc. This doesn't apply to In Character dispositions/outlooks. If your character participates in sexism, classism, specisism, racism because of their own views it is allowed within reason. If someone expresses discomfort in the way you are writing your character, please tone it down. Generally though, we want to welcome all walks of life and encourage typists to write their muses as they were intended to be written.

4. Pedophilia and anything on the subject of non-consent is not allowed in room under any circumstances, no ifs, ands, or buts. This is a brothel disguised as a tea house, there is no reason for children to be present. 18+ only.

5. Hosts, as well as other Tea House staff, are not required to write with anyone and reserve the right to decline to RP at any given time.

6. Though high detail in your profiles is not required by any means, we do request that you have something in place; blank profiles will not be permitted.

7. IC interactions are prioritized in room; please keep OOC chatter to a minimum, preferrably in the Discord server. Shit posting is more than welcome, however we do ask that it be kept to a minimum when serious roleplay is taking place in room.

8. It is up to you to incorporate yourself into the room; this is at your discretion and is not the responsibility of any other writers present. We strongly encourage you to attempt joining at different times throughout the day, seeing as not all room interactions will be conducive to incorporating a new character.

9. No smut is permitted in room. All hosts have their own private rooms that characters can be escorted to for further fun. Keep in mind that hosts are not required to smut with you.

10. This is a given: No godmodding We don't tolerate it. You'll be dismissed immediately.

12. IC doesn't equare to OOC - do not blur the lines. What someone does in character is completely different than out of character. It doesn't equate to the typist, and vice versa.

13. Owners and Mods have the right to make decisions and take action at their own discretion. Just because something isn't in the rules does not mean that it may not be enforced.

14. With all of that being said, keep in mine this is not the same tea house as the one prior. It's surrounded by a competely different setting and series of events. Thank you.





The founder of the Tea House magic. “You have nothing to fear from me other than your own ineffectuality.”


Owner of the Tea House, older twin of Attitcus.


Owner of the Tea House, younger twin of Astrophel.


Main male host.


The head chef of the Tea House. Also a male host upon request.


Male host.




You find a door. How strange, has it always been there? You've walked past this alleyway at least a thousand times on your morning commute but you never noticed the intricately decorated wood, framed in a floral designed. You stop and check the knob. It's unlocked, you push it open and...

Welcome to the Tea House. Owned and operated by the twins Astrophel and Atticus! You're met with an information desk, a beautiful foyer of crisp, clean white, and budding foliage all around. There are doors...everywhere. As one opens a new and strange being comes through. Witches, werewolves, hobgoblins, and more. All come for the same thing, tea and the company of a host.

The walls shift, rooms are expanded, created, and catered to each client's taste. You may find yourself in an antique library, a conservatory, or maybe even a French parlor. Though some rooms are more permanent than others. The kitchen in which you'll find the sweet kitchen witch Poett, the office of the vampire twins, Mistral the powerful head host, Sirius the darling male host, and one strange purple door leading to the magical benefactor.

Once a dilapidated, failing tea house, one particular witch stumbled upon the twins and their business. She came seeking truth in tea leaves, to find the answers to tugging questions about past lives and found herself sinking her claws into the enterprise. She remains ever vigilant over the twin owners, a watchful eye keen for perfection.

Please, take some time to look over the menu and do behave while in public spaces. Enjoy the warmth of our seasonal teas, delightful cakes, and the company of another.