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Setting: Eineschende, Weldenvein, Pyyrispea


Pyyrispea: A basic material plane that resembles Earth.


Weldenvein: The country that the Sapphire Dawn guild resides.


Capitol City: Castonia


Guild headquarters: Eineschende


Guild Master: Silous Rinsbane


Guild Alignment: Lawful Neutral (All characters that would align themselves as some sort of good or neutral type are welcome.)


Guild Sigil: Sapphire colored sun dawning over the horizon.


Royal flower: Coreopsis Solanna


Religion: Many Weldenveinian people devote themselves to the Goddess of Light, Solanna. Other deities exist, but are less commonly worshipped. Her symbol is a golden sun emblem and is the sigil of the royal family.


Agriculture: Weldenvein is bountiful in ore and the soil is incredibly rich, making farming a popular occupation. Before times of peace, the country was targeted due to these assets and nearly fell until a well organized system of guilds came to be in the main cities. These guilds banded together and drove opposing forces out alongside the Royal Army and have since worked to protect borders and citizens alongside the Royal family’s forces.


Landscape: An equal split between mountains and long stretches of valley with variances in weather. Many wide rivers run through the country and the entire southern border is nearly tropical and runs against a sea, while the mountain tops are blanketed in snow. Due to strong magical currents named Spirit Trenches, it is possible and common for land masses to float over large trenches of energy.




Guild Areas/Rooms:


Dining Room (includes; Quest Board, dining tables and chairs, bar top seating and eatery as well as a fully stocked kitchen with room to spare).


Guild Bedrooms (includes; soft bedding, cosmetic area for the members that care about their aesthetics, a medium sized wardrobe as well as a chest for storing loot)


Plenty of washrooms (for obvious needs)


Guild Meeting Room (includes; a large oaken table for Guild meetings located in the center of the first floor in the Hall).


Hot Spring located behind the Guild’s estate with a beautiful view of the mountains and flora.


Stable Area to the right (includes; a large barn-like area for Members’ mounts of any specie/type to be cared for/tended to if needed)


Floral and Vegetable Gardens located nearby for anyone to really enjoy and tend to.


Guild Vendor (Two separate vendors on either side of the Hall who offer special items that one couldn’t usually find within city grounds).


Training/Sparring Grounds located in The Forest of Dawn


Sapphire Dawn’s headquarters is a large castle-like estate situated on a floating landmass on the outskirts of Eineschende, their link a shoddy bridge that connects it to the mainland that is held up by deep veins of a Spirit Trench. Many towers peak from between the thick layers of trees that make up the guild’s training and holy grounds, The Forest of Dawn; it’s deepest depth only accessible by high ranking guild members and special guests.


In recent years the guild has had a rise in membership and quest success that has afforded them many quality of life updates that beef up the perks of being a member. They can now afford to gift all new members basic gear, a horse, a room and food! To keep spirits lively, twice a week, special feasts are prepared and members are encouraged to drink and be merry! Minimum age to join the guild is 17 and members must be active adventurers.

Main export: Crops, ore and mushrooms wool are all sought after from Weldenvein.

1. Fantasy races are welcome as well as animal hybrids and humans.


2. Modern style profiles aren't fitting for this room.


3. If interested in joining this room, You should add information about our Realm/Lore to keep the theme.


4. That's all we ask for your character! Wanna know more? Have any questions? Ask Guild Lass or Little Paladin for help!