• The City of Breakwater. A bustling port settlement and center of culture and trade throughout the country. Once ruled with an iron fist by Count Wallingford, the state's forces were recently all but wiped out by a mysterious plague that has ravaged the country outside of the city walls. For this reason, entry into the city is heavily restricted, and few are foolish enough to leave. Within its confines, a power vacuum has erupted, and a number of groups with conflicting interests vie for control of the city, and by proxy, the surrounding continent. 

  • This roleplay has been intentionally and lovingly crafted for the purpose of bringing writers together to collaborate and make something special and better than the sum of its parts. Player characters (PCs) can either independent be a member of one of various "Factions" within the game, which builds upon the story and provides motivation for story-telling purposes. Your character will not be required to join one but it is highly suggested.  All characters are relatively low-ranking within their organization. Not Kings, Queens, and Dukes, but foot soldiers, merchants, thieves, monks, and other less important folks. You can advance, but it won't be easy. To succeed in this world, you'll need to rely on your wits and skill. Keeping PCs along the same tier means that any PC could conceivably meet and interact with any other PC within the game and serves to eliminate a "clique" environment. This makes the overall experience richer and the world more alive, as well as taking the focus away from any individual character.

  • If you're looking to swoop in on dragon back and become the center of attention instantly, this is probably not the game for you. This RP was purposefully created not to center around any one character or group of characters. It's meant to be by the players, and for the players. Player input and suggestions are listened to and implemented, while moderators help push the story along and help keep the world believable, cohesive, and immersive. We invite you to join us in creating this world. Original content and characters are welcomed within this setting. This is a Medieval low Fantasy-based room, and the attitudes of the age abound. Characters and their actions will be reacted to realistically. Though magic exists, it is outlawed in the city without a license. Evil races and monsters exist, but they are invariably killed on sight when they approach the city. The supernatural is meant to be something special, not commonplace, and certainly not a Deus ex Machina. OP characters need not apply.



https://discord.gg/GFfdWab is our official discord. It is not a requirement that you join, but this is where our OOC is done, as well as character and plot development.  It also contains logs of past rp and forum rp, so doing so is highly recommended. Once you join you must be approved before you can actually view the content within, please be patient.



You MUST agree to all of the rules listed below before you post in this room.


First and foremost, DON'T BE AN ASS. By entering this channel / RP you subject yourself to our rules or risk being flogged/kicked/banned or possibly being reported to global mods (in case of AUP violations). All Rules of RPH / Terms of service apply here.


1. This Channel and Discord are meant to be IC (In-character) focus. OOC Banter is fine but should never be taking the place of actual RP. This is not a social club or a dating website. It's for creating collaborative stories. Treat it that way. Though it should not have to be said, please keep OOC and IC separate. If you start something with another player, please try to finish it in a timely manner or opt-out. We understand real life takes precedence but a little bit of courtesy goes a long way. You will be expected to interact with others in the same vicinity.

2. Unlike many on RPH, this channel is not Freeform. This means that the GM controls what's going on in the setting and has authority when it comes to the viability of posted events, and has the right to invalidate any post for power gaming, god-moding/modding, general disruption, non-compliance with the setting, or other reasonable grounds at the GM and the moderators' discretion. (This is not something done often, or lightly, but we reserve the right to maintain the integrity of the setting) This applies especially during planned campaigns. We are not here to interfere with your plots and posts arbitrarily, simply to keep the world believable. You must have a profile on RPH to play here. No profile is ground for an instant kick/ban.

3. The GM may ask you to make dice rolls in the course of an adventure to determine the success/failure of action (you may also do them on your own accord voluntarily). This mainly applies to campaigns and gives a random element which encourages problem-solving skills and makes for a more dynamic and exciting game.

4. This is an R-Rated Roleplay. It contains such controversial issues as extreme graphic violence, racism, sexism, controversial material, foul language, sexual situations, and innuendo. Don't expect to see graphic sex scenes enacted in detail, but adult themes do occur, albeit in a somewhat tasteful manner. Because of this, We ask that all players be of 18 years of age or over (and the same goes for characters).

5. You must be literate to play in this room. That is not to say a few spelling mistakes will get you kicked out, but please try - you can always spell check your posts and cut + paste if necessary. You must have at least a basic grasp of the English language, spelling, and grammar. That being said, there is no post minimum/maximum, though we ask that during an adventure you keep your responses down to around one post, especially when there are a lot of people in the channel. Nobody likes waiting 60 minutes between posts. A lot of superfluous details don't impress us, substance and action are what we value in writing. Posting orders are in effect when specifically mentioned.

6. Respect the medieval fantasy setting, on the low-fantasy side of things. Please keep things semi-realistic and believable. There aren't guns or cars in this world. A few anachronisms are fine but when they become a distraction to the game they may be removed at GM/Mod discretion. Though you can enter with any character you wish in accordance with the rules, traditionally "Evil" races such as vampires, lycanthropes, demons, drow, monsters, etc. are not looked upon highly in this world and probably attacked on sight. This doesn't mean you cannot play them in the channel, just that they are not likely to be treated very well. "Furries", Pokemon, etc. will be hunted like the animals they are.

7. Consequences are real, and player characters are considered to be more or less human in terms of survival and ability. By entering our game, you are subjecting yourself to the GM's moderation this means characters can die or sustain horrible fates/injuries. We are not out to kill your characters randomly, but make decisions wisely or pay the consequences. Any action your character meets will have a realistic reaction. Dead characters cannot be resurrected or brought back.



Feel free to direct any questions towards the room's moderators or owners, we are happy to help you.