[1.] Be respectful to your peers. Any form of OOC harassment will not be tolerated. Keep in mind that if there is any OOC drama or you are feeling unsafe you are to bring it to a mod with screenshot evidence. No he said, she said please.

[2.] Three warnings will be provided for any misconduct. Bans may be issued if you have been asked to stop multiple times. If you would like to appeal a ban, you have to wait a week.

[3.] All characters must be 18+. This is not a room for minor characters. Pedophilia of any sort will not be tolerated. No ifs, ands, or buts.

[4.] Generally smut is allowed in room, but if someone asks you to take it to private, please respect those wishes. We just want everyone to feel comfortable here.

[5.] IC does not equal OOC. Please do not blur the lines. What someone does in character is completely different than out of character. If you are offended by someone and their character, simply block them.

[6.] Owners and Mods have the right to make decisions and take action at their own discretion. Just because it's not in the rules, doesn't mean that it won't be enforced.



Welcome to Lost n Found! A general roleplay room set in any atmosphere you would like! This is a room for writers of all types, whether it be silly, multipara, novella, or just lurking. Everyone is welcome so long as you are kind and considerate. We hope you enjoy your stay.