Hogwarts:Wizarding World



1. Please be respectful, Roleplay etiquette applies here. Meaning treat others how you would like to be treated. We are old enough or should be old enough to know how to treat another person.


2. No politics are too be discussed here. Other topics that are not allowed go as followed: Racism, Homophobia, Pedophilia IS A HUGE NO in this group along with incest. ETC You catch my drift with this rule. It won’t be tolerated and results in an automatic ban.


3.Let’s all just try to have fun and go with the flow! That’s what roleplaying is about if you have an issue please contact me, Michaela or Adrien.


4.The most important rule of all, have fun and enjoy yourself we will soon have a plot! If you have any ideas of a good plot for this group let us know!


5. If you are not apart of this group or do not have a Harry potter character please do not make the room. Thankyou. 

6. Do not just sit in our room and not talk at least say something. The room is not a truck stop.