Here are the rules. Try not to break or ignore them, because that'd suck. WIP

1. The general rules of OOC harassment. Just don't be a total ass OOC.

2. While OCs are perfectly acceptable, a decent cast of canon characters is needed for some level of structure. Playing a canon character isn't for everyone of course, but if you feel there is someone in the series you feel you could work with, no matter how small the role, it is encouraged, but not enforced.

3. I do not expect anyone to know everything about One Punch Man, but having a general idea of the series is at least needed. A lack of context can lead to awkward, or unreasonable situations. As for canon character it is expected that you know a little more than average about events they've been involved in.

4. Every character may act like they're the protagonist, but keep in mind that you yourself are not.

5. Try to be motivated to RP in the chat. Otherwise what's the point of the chat? If a situation can't reasonably involve you, that's fine, but if a decent amount of people aren't active try to get a little something going. The room doesn't need to be active 24/7, but a good flow of activity is worthwhile for everyone. Even if you're just NPCing a monster, which is encouraged, you're contributing something great.

6. Try to keep any shipping to a minimum. If a character has no clear interest in open relationships, don't make them. Plots involving relationships, maybe for comedic effect, are fine, but they shouldn't be the norm or be between two characters that have no romantic interest.

7. If you bring in a character from another series, do not just cross them over 100%. Make the effort to integrate them in while they're there. Having characters just drop in out of nowhere, with no idea what's going in, is very overdone, and feels lazy after awhile. This is OPM. Bringing in characters stronger than Saitama from other series isn't going to be enjoyable either.

8. No duplicate characters. Please. It's fine if you have them on standby as a backup in case someone is out, but don't have an already active character open at the same time. Coordinate with them a bit, and have a second character to use when not playing them. Not everyone can be active all the time, so you'll have your chance to do things. But STILL try to avoid this in general!




I'll make a list of canon characters currently in use once they're confirmed to be fairly active in the chat.




HEROS - S Class


HEROS - A Class


HEROS - B Class


HEROS - C Class





- [Dominator of the Universe] Boros (Owner)


THREAT - Dragon


THREAT - Demon


THREAT - Tiger