Welcome to Tales of Equestria! Here, we strive to provide a calm and friendly roleplay environment. Storylines exist, but they are simpler, and more user friendly to both new and old members alike! You see, when you join this room, we don't consider you a random roleplayer; instead, you're a potential member of our little roleplay community's family. We have a few rules, but we're willing to work with our members to make sure they can fit into the roleplay. We offer a fun, family-friendly (Mostly) atmosphere. So enjoy your stay at Tales of Equestria: A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic roleplay. If you have any questions, feel free to send a message to one of our awesome moderators!

A few hints and tips for new members:

1.) Roleplay in the new room! This is the easiest, and quickest way to socialize, as well as make friends in the room.

2.) Try introducing yourself and maybe talk to a pony or two in a PM. Get to know your roleplay partners here.

3.) Try not to be forceful. No pony likes it if somepony comes in and starts demanding for roleplay. It's bossy!

Please be aware, that all cases of technology, unusual magic, non-canon

species, and some major characters will be handled on a case by case basis.

The following rules provide a guideline for the room. Here at Tales of

Equestria, we aim to be more casual then most roleplay rooms, but we still

require a few rules to help uphold the peace, while maintaining a proper room

for fans of the show to hang out and roleplay at. If you have any additional

questions about the rules, feel free to talk to a moderator or administrator.



1.) Leave drama at the front door. 

This needs to be stated first, since it's one of the more important rules. We know life can be rough sometimes, but bringing that to attention in the room isn't proper behavior. If you need to, talk to one of your friends in a private message if you need too. It should also be noted, that this room wasn't made to outshine or outdo the other rooms, and as such, we ask that you respect the members of the other rooms as you would our own. Never judge another person here on their beliefs, sexuality, race, gender, etc. etc. This can start drama as well, and shouldn't come up anyway. Here we respect one another.

2.) Keep it appropriate.

While the occasional dirty joke or two might pop up, it's important to point out that we try to maintain a PG-13 rating in the room itself. This doesn't include swearing (Just don't go overboard.), but it does mean that blatant sexual discussions or sexual roleplays should be kept to the PMs. This also means that most grimdark themes should be kept to a minimum. That being said, most darker themed characters can ask if they're allowed to join. Just don't go around killing the masses! We don't want to set the wrong example for other members. Tales of Equestria is meant for humor, comedy, and maybe the slightest hint of darker themes if a villain decides to show up. (Also keep in mind that any NSFW pictures in your profile should be hidden somehow, with a NSFW warning should someone decide to investigate. Some of us might have kids after all!)

3.) Canon Doubles ARE allowed.

The only characters that are restricted are Celestia, Luna, Nightmare Moon, and Discord since they have powers that could significantly alter the world if they decided they wanted to. Sombra and Chrysalis are NOT restricted, and we just ask that you use common sense when roleplaying as them. Note: Only one of each canon may partake in one group story roleplay at any moment. Alicorn OC's are not permitted, unless the show proves that they are more common then currently let on.

4.) No idling on a non-pony name.

This doesn't apply if you've told a moderator you wish to observe, but please try to come in on a pony friendly name if you're going to idle. A pony friendly name means that your character is one that fits well with the show. Anthros typically aren't considered a pony friendly name either ('Some' dragons or minotaurs being the exception.). Most unique species will be handled on a case by case basis, but chances are, if you're a normal animal of any sort; or a mythical equine of some sort; you'll be allowed. If you come in, just let us know you're there to observe, but still follow the other rules as well.

5.) No crossover ponies.

While we're more casual then some roleplay rooms, we try to maintain a decent atmosphere. This means that crossover ponies aren't allowed. While some may fit, allowing them to join would force us to allow most out of fairness, and while (for example) an animal crossing styled pony might be appropriate, one from God of War, would not.