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Welcome to our humble page. This group is designed to gather all those who are interested in Shingeki no Kyojin, or more commonly known as Attack on Tita--HOLY SHIT, THE COLOSSAL TITAN BLEW A HOLE THROUGH THE WALL AGAIN! BRB PANICKING.



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Japan is the best


Rule 1: RPH's rules applies, of course.


Rule 2: No one likes drama, but sometimes you just can't avoid it. When it comes, settle it like adults or just keep to yourselves.


Rule 3: No idling on unrelated names. Just take a name and join in. That means you too, Taokaka.

Rule 4: OCs are more than welcome, but please make sure you're no half-titan half-levi, Mikasa's secret brother. No Mary/Gary Sues.

Rule 5: We all have enouh sense of humor to let joke names pay a visit. Mostly because that also means free kickings for us. Don't abuse it, though. Haha.. No, I'm serious. ?_?

Rule 6: When people are roleplaying please be respectful to them. Keep OOC at minimum, and if requested, we'll open up an OOC room for you~

Rule 7: ..Anything too erotic, do it privately. No smut-orientied profiles allowed either.











"To you.. 2000 years from now"

Due to the creatures known as Titans. Humanity devolved back into medieval times. Some modern technology still exists, but the majority has been wiped. On top of that, mankind is forced to live behind the three walls. Maria, Rose, and Sina the closest to the castle. More or less than 100 years, humanity grew too comfortable behind them. To the point that most of the younger generation don't know what the outside world is, nor what a Titan is really like up front. A recent incident changed all of that however. The population is now going through a state of calamity because of it, and the fact that they will never be safe unless they take action on the Titans is once again indented in their lives.





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Military Police | Scouting Legion | Stationary Guards

After graduating from the Training Camp, those who succeed can elist to seperated divisions. SG, SL, MP. However, only the top 10 of the trainee squad can join in the MP division. Below here is the number of OCs listed or assigned in a division. Canons are not listed because there's too many.

Military Police: 0

Scouting Legion: Sylvia, Maribelle

Stationary Guards: Kevin

Specific OC Rules

We are giving everyone the freedom to choose whomever they want to be. A member of the Military Police? Sure. Someone from the Black Market? Be my guess. But please make it make sense. You can't be Sephiroth420 who lived outside the walls and is an assassin ninja, uses two pistols and titan shifts into a god damned dragon. You get my point? Sure you can use firearms and such, but don't expect us to be happy about you aiming things accurately while flying around with a 3DMG. TL;DR don't be a douche about it.

Known limits: Orients, Titan Shifters