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Hello! this is an invite only rp, meaning you have to invited in to join. If you make a name don't expect to be allowed in. if you'd like to be considered feel free to visit our ooc, elysium.Havoc is running free in the streets of a modern United States; a secret crime organization is now at war with the military. Extraordinary humans are used as weapons, in a place where corruption runs the world and those of incredible legacies fight for their survival.


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Layout & HTML credit: Angelica

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PM system: Angelica & Jess

Definitions of Magic, Planes, communication & Religion credit: Angelica, Mike & Jake.

Waking Dream made in August 6 of 2009, group created January 3rd of 2011.


General Rules

COMMON SENSE: Cursing is allowed but keep it reasonable. Kidding about discrimination (sexism & racism, etcetera) may be fine in low doses but be aware of others who may be sensitive. Be tolerable of other people; try to get along, and if you cannot, simply ignore the person. People have different senses of humor, and if something offends you, you should let them know. We're all adults, okay?

2-STRIKE POLICY: An offense will get a warning kick, and a ban will follow.

Chat Rules

TROLLING AND DRAMA: If you feel the need to troll please redirect yourself to the OOC chat or some other place. We like to have fun but not in ways where it hurts others. Please keep private matters in PM or to yourself. If the problem isn't able to be solved, use the ignore function. If it continues after attempting to solve the problem and then ignoring the person, contact a mod with proof of the situation (only if it is a room issue). Teen Titans is not responsible for on-goings outside of the chat and willnotget involved.

GROUP MEETINGS: We have group meetings for various reasons (events, roleplay discussion, etcetera). When an owner or mod brings a group meeting to a start, OOC must be kept to a minimum unless it is asked for and on topic. If OOC becomes excessive, people will be kicked without warning.


NAMES: Originally to be a member of Waking Dream you had to use your real life name, you don't anymore. But it can't be anything ridiculous, it still has to mean something to you and represent a part of your identity. For example if you're not Japanese you can't be Ryou Yamamoto.

PROFILES: Your profile must include the basic information, likes and dislikes, personality, abilities, and background/origin. Everything but the abilities and background info has to be a representation of yourself.

MULTIPLE CHARACTERS: You are allowed to make multiple characters, your second character can be whatever you want, it doesn't have to be an extension of your real self as long as it follows the general profile rules and is approved. But you can only have one character out at a time; this means once your first character dies you can make a second.


Named after the Sirius star-system: Sirius A and its white dwarf companion, Sirius B. Sirius AB, the alpha star to the constellation of Canis Major (also known as the great dog), is also refered as the dog star, it forms part of the Winter Circle. It along with Betelgeuse and Rigel serve as a vertex of the Winter Triangle.

The name of this magic organization also comes from the importance Sirius had in ancient occultism, mythology and astronomy. Some considered it to be the "sun behind the sun", the true source of the sun's power. Sirius A is considered to keep the spiritual world alive, the real light shining in the East. While Sirius B is the star in the darkness, or the dark star. Both Sirus A and B's association with the divine and it's probability of being home to humanity's greatest teachers made it the foundation of ancient religions, such as of the Egyptians'. In other words, Sirius A is the light and Sirius B is the darkness, both elements are used in the Sirius organization of mages.


After the fall of the Roman empire in order to keep pure magic alive, six of the top families of magic origin came together and organized a group called Sirius, the brightest star in the night. Three of the six families of Sirius go back, as far as the age of gods. Pollux, Capella, Rigel, Betelguese, Aldebaran, and Porcyon are the six families to compose the winter circle of Sirius.

During the medieval period the concept of ''Satan'', was discovered. This brought on increasing fears that the end of the world would soon come. This brought on the discoveries of demons such as, incubi and succubi. The concept of the term "witch" in Christendom went under a radical change. Magi and those who practiced magic, were viewed as malevolent Devil-worshipers who threaten Christianity and God. This was not all that stood in the way of magic. With the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, came the rise of scientism. Which transformed alchemy into chemistry. This restricted the scope of magic and threatened the belief and systems it relied on, pushing it further into the darkness.

Eventhough, magic was named the enemy of the church, it wasn't until the upheavals of the Reformation period and the Thirty Years' War, that the idea of witchcraft began to mingle with the persecution of heretics to the church, resulting in an estimated 40,000 to 60,000 executions of mages.It was during this time that Sirius became a secret organization.

Over the next centuries, Sirius continued to work from the shadows observing anything of 'supernatural' background, making sure it did not get into the public. As the world evolved and ideals changed, so did Sirius. Every piece of evidence that could compromise their secrecy would be terminated. Those who wanted to leave the organization only had one way out.

In the late 18th and early 19th century, children with extraordinary gifts were born. These children quickly fell into the radar of Sirius. They were killed off the public's eye, but remained alive under the secret society. Things became far more complicated during the 20th century, when a boom of gifted children were born. Some of these children didn't develop their abilities until later, and as the years by each child was far more gifted than the previous generations. Making it difficult for Sirius to operate without being seen by the public, after all Sirius was not the only ones to noticed these extraordinary children.

Sometime during the late 19th and early 20th century Sirius embraced organized crime. This allowed them to operate freely, and give them some extra benefits. Assault, murder, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, arms trafficking and extortion are just a number of criminal activities they are involved in. Quickly Sirius became known as one of the most dangerous Mafias to exist.

Present day, Sirius continues to act as an organized crime syndicate based in the United States. Searching for these gifted children, offering them 'help' and a 'family'. Those who refuse their help are assassinated.


The Mafia eventually expanded to twenty-six crime families nationwide in the major cities of the United States.

All named after stars of the universe, working under the winter circle (Sirius).

Boss - The boss is the head of the family, usually reigning as a dictator, sometimes called the Don or "Godfather." The Boss receives a cut of every operation taken on by every member of his family. Depending on the family, the Boss may be chosen by a vote from the Caporegimes of the family. In the event-of a tie, the Underboss must vote. In the past, all the members of a family voted on the Boss, in the case of Sirius. The same family has held reign as the Boss family ever since the organization came to-be, due to them being the strongest mage family and having a linage that dated back to the era of the gods.

Underboss - The underboss, usually appointed by the boss, is the second in command of the family. The underboss is in charge of all of the capos, who are controlled by the boss. The underboss is usually first in line to become acting boss if the boss is imprisoned. Unless the don names a successor other than his underboss, the underboss is often first in line to become Boss when the boss dies.Sirius' Don has appointed _____ as the underboss.

Consigliere - The consigliere is an advisor to the family and sometimes seen as the Boss's "right-hand man." They are used as a mediator of disputes, representatives or aides in meetings with other families. In practice today the consigliere is normally the third ranking member of the administration of a family and does not necessarily need to be senior in age or experience for advisory purposes. A Boss will often appoint someone close to him who they trust as their consigliere.

Caporegime (or capo) - A caporegime (also captain or skipper) is in charge of a crew; a group of soldiers who report directly to him. Each crew usually contains 10-20 soldiers and many more associates. A capo is appointed by the boss and reports to him or the underboss. A captain gives a percentage of his (and his underlings) earnings to the boss and is also responsible for any tasks assigned, including murder. In labor racketeering it is usually a capo who controls the infiltration of union locals. If a Capo becomes powerful enough he can sometimes wield more power then some of his superiors.

Soldato - A soldato is a member of the family, and traditionally can only be of Magic background (although today many families require men to be of only half mage descent on their father's side). Once a member is made he is untouchable, meaning a sitdown involving the soldier's capo and boss must be held before he is murdered. When the books are open, meaning that there is an open spot in the family, a Capo (or several Capos) may recommend an up-and-coming associate to be a new member. They are also called made men, who have made their bones, by committing a murder on the orders of his superiors (a capo, underboss, consigliere, or Boss). This ensures the soldier's reliability: he will never testify against a man who could testify against him. Being made is the beginning but not the end of a Mafia career. (The definitions of made man and making one's bones are inferred: most books on the Mafia fiction or nonfiction assume these terms but never define them.)

Associate - An associate is not a member of the mob, and an associate's role is more similar to that of an errand boy. They are usually a go-between or sometimes deal in drugs to keep the heat off the members, or they are people the family does business with (restaurant owners, etc.) In other cases, an associate might be a corrupt labor union delegate or businessman. Non-Mage will never go any further than this. However, occasionally an associate will become powerful within his own family.


Department of Evolutionary Control

Department of Evolutionary Control, is a governmental agency belonging to the United States, Department of Defense and Department of Justice. Serving as both a federal evolutionary control and an internal intelligence agency. The agency was established in 1909 as Bureau of Evolutionary Control (BEC), the name was later changed to the Department of Evolutionary Control (DEC).

DEC's main goal is to protect and defend the United States, detain and educate evolved humans and the creation of human weapons.

Originally established to research evolved humans, find the source of their powers. The difference in their DNA, if it could be altered.

Working with the military divisions of the United states, their goal was to create human weapons. While the D.E.C knows people are born with natural abilities, they have been trying to unlock the mysteries of these evolved humans and find a way to alter DNA to allow anyone to have their powers from birth. Their first test subjects were utter failures, and resulted in some of the 'folklore' of the surrounding areas. Around the late 60s, they finally perfected their formula and started to ask for volunteers within the government. That way, the experiments would never possibly leak to the public.

In order to protect the United States and the people's knowledge of these evolved humans was to be kept in secret. They actively sought afterand recruited the evolved helping them in understanding and controlling their abilities.

With criminal organizations composed of individuals who have extra ordinary abilities becoming more frequent the D.E.C has had to become an 'active' agency. With the help of the military, they have jointed the Department of Justice and replaced the FBI and DEA in a number of secret missions.
Military in D.E.C

The Department of Evolutionary Control, began working with the Unitied States military in the 1950s, using their top soldiers and commanders to train the EHu's. In the late 60s American Soldiers been to volunteer to for experiments. The Soldiers used for the experiments or even those with the minimal involvement of D.E.C are to swear secrecy, and normally given little to no information of their mission.

Modern day, D.E.C uses the EHu's along with the military as special units to control, detain, and educate.

The natural capability of an individual is most easily classified according to a continuum such that the strengths and weaknesses thereof may be more easily discerned by agents in the field. For this purpose, the D.E.C. created the power level and threat level ranking systems. Although both utilize the same letter-based rankings, S-A-B-C-D-E-F in descending order, the purposes of the two systems differ significantly.

The power level of an individual is the raw sum of their combat potential. For the purpose of its determination, each designated individual is given their own letter scores in each of the seven independent combat parameters. From this number and the individuals own special abilities, a total power level rank is then assigned. The interaction of the individuals own combat parameters and their ability is often of great importance, as an individual with incredible magical abilities but very low mana would be of considerably lower power level than the same individual with a greater mana supply, while there would be little difference if the individuals abilities were not magical in origin. For each independent combat parameter, a rank of D is equivalent to that of an average, healthy adult human being in their prime unless otherwise stated, and those abilities that seem without a definite limit in their potential are listed as S. As parameter manipulation is a common effect of many abilities, some individuals receive rankings for both their neutral and maximum augmented parameters; in individuals whose abilities naturally and continually augment their parameters with no drain to their mana or other power sources, only one ranking is normally made.

The independent combat parameters are as follows:
Ability: The ability rank is a measure of the value of the individuals non-magical special abilities in a combat situation, encompassing all aspects from firearms training to the ability to fly. This parameter is by far the most qualitative and information-demanding, as well as the most subject to change.

Agility: This is an aggregate rank which factors the maneuverability, reaction time, and speed of movement of an individual into one coherent statistic. As a result, an individual who is average but well-rounded in these sub-parameters will normally receive a higher agility rank than one which excels only in a single aspect, as any of the sub-parameters in isolation is typically useless without the others.

Damage Resistance: The potential of the individual to withstand various forms of attack, as well as the extent to which damage hinders their overall combat effectiveness. This is another parameter that is largely subject to change, as the addition of any kind of armor or ailment will also modify the individuals damage resistance.

Stamina: The ability of an individual to engage in strenuous activities for an extended period of time. This parameter is an important modifier for nearly all others, although on its own it is generally irrelevant in a combat situation.

Strength: The pure physical force an individual is capable of exerting. As a measure of maximum output, this parameter is entirely independent of the duration at which this maximum amount of effort may be sustained.

Magic: Magic is the total knowledge and skill an individual has in relation to magecraft. This is independent of simple knowledge, applying only to practicable knowledge. In this way, an individual may be a scholar of magecraft without being capable of putting any of their knowledge into use, therefore receiving the default rank of F which is received by those without any magical ability.

Mana: The individuals total capacity for magical energy storage, as well as the rate with which this energy naturally regenerates. If the individual siphons their energy primarily from the environment, the mana stat also reflects this. An individual with no magical ability will receive a mana stat of F, so long as this entirely precludes them from the use of magical energy.

The threat level is a measure of an individuals power level when gauged in relation to environmental factors, as well as the individuals own mental and emotional state of being. The threat level is divided into two types as a result, a generalized threat level which takes into account only the basic assumptions of an individuals condition in most circumstances, and also situation-specific threat levels for those scenarios where the individuals mental/emotional state changes temporarily or their environment acts as a modifier to their abilities. For the purpose of comparison, the threat level of an unarmed, average human being at any given time is roughly an E.

D.E.C Rankings. (Lowest-Highest)

E-1 Private (Pvt)
Private is a soldier of the lowest military rank. The term dates from the Middle Ages, where privates were known as "private soldiers" who were either hired, conscripted, or feudalized into service by a nobleman forming an army. The usage of Private dates from the 18th century, when the army of Napoleon Bonaparte first established the permanent rank of Soldat. They are sometimes known as 'Recruits'. 'Pvt.' in the United States. Basically a Private just has to look out for himself and follow anyone else's orders. In D.E.C ,Private only refers to the lowest enlisted rank, just below Private First Class. A D.E.C Private wears no uniform insignia. Most new, D.E.C non-officers begin their military career as a Private.

E-2 Private First Class (PFC)
Private First Class is the second lowest enlisted rank, just above Private and below Corporal or Specialist in D.E.C. Advancement to Private First Class is currently automatic after a minimum of 12 months time in service and 4 months as Private, but may be shortened to 6 months and 2 months, respectively, if given a waiver. Some new recruits may begin their military careers as a Private First Class if they meet certain criteria when they enlist. For example, a recruit may be promoted to this rank upon entering service, if they are able to assist their recruiters in enlisting others, can pass a knowledge test and a PT test prior to leaving for Recruit Training ('Boot Camp').

E-3 Corporal (cpl)
Corporal is a rank in use in some form by most militaries and also by some police forces or other uniformed organizations. It is usually equivalent to Specialist. The word is probably derived from a medieval Italian phrase capo corporale, meaning "head of a body (of soldiers)". It may also derive from an appointment as an officer's bodyguard, "corporal" originally being an adjective pertaining to the word body. Corporal is the third enlisted rank in D.E.C, ranking immediately above Private First Class and immediately below Sergeant. D.E.C, like the Army, has another rank at the pay grade of E-3. Corporal is the lowest grade of non-commissioned officer in D.E.C, though promotion to Corporal traditionally confers a large jump in authority and responsibility compared to promotion from Private. Theoretically, D.E.C generally serve as "fire-team leaders," commanding a 4-man team or unit of similar size. Corporals serve in the squad leader billet that would normally be held by a Sergeant (E-4) in infantry units. In practice, however, the billet of fire team leader is generally held by the most outstanding member. In support units, they direct the activities of junior D.E.C soldiers and provide technical supervision. Because of its emphasis on small-unit tactics, D.E.C usually places Corporals in billets where other services would normally have an E-4 or E-5 in authority. Similarly, the term "Strategic Corporal" refers to the special responsibilities conferred upon a D.E.C Corporal.

E-3 Specialist (SPC)
Specialist is one of the four junior enlisted ranks in D.E.C, just above Private First Class and equivalent in pay grade to Corporal. Unlike Corporals, Specialists are not considered junior non-commissioned officers (NCO). Specialist are usually divided in two classifications of equal rank, the third being of higher ranking. Specialist are required to hunt down other gifted children and recruit them at all costs. Technicians are in charge of the technological adversaries, as well as construction of gadgets. Technician Specialist are the higher rank of the three, these soldiers have both Technological and Specialist abilities.

- Technician [T-5]
A technician was generally not addressed as such, but rather as the equivalent rank in its pay grade. Officially, a technician did not have the authority to give commands or issue orders but could under combat conditions be placed second in command of a squad by a Sergeant. Unofficially, most units treated them as though they were of the equivalent rank of the same pay grade. The Technician rank is able to block off technological adversaries, as well as create some. These are soldiers who are in a way outstanding with technology and given the permission to do hackings, as well as create gadgets for battle. All inventions created must be approved by General/Commandt.

→Specialist [ S-5]
A Specialist, like the Technician will be addressed as the the equivalent in rank in its pay grade. Specialist does have authority to give commands or issue order in a mission. Much like Corporal a Specialist works under a 4-man team. The team is usually lead by a Technician Specialist [TS-4], in some cases if a TS-4 is not able to continue leading his team, the most outstanding member takes control.

→Technician Specialist [TS-4]
A Technician Specialist has higher authority than the T-5 and S-5 soldier, and has authority over both the ranks. Though this said, a TS-4 soldier does not have authority over a Corporal unless given to by a superior officer. TS-4 soldiers are knowledgeable of both technical and specialist grades. These soldiers are able to do both hunts and work with technology.

E-4 Sergeant (Sgt)
Sergeants are the fourth enlisted rank in D.E.C, just above Corporal and below Lieutenant. Once a D.E.C soldier reaches Sergeant, their promotion does not rely upon a composite or cutting score anymore. Instead, they receive a Powrep(Power Report). Sergeants serve as squad leaders in an infantry company.

(W1) Warrant Officer
Technical specialists who perform duties that require extensive knowledge, training and experience with particular systems, equipment or science. D.E.C warrant officers would be selected from the ranks of non-commissioned officers (E-#) and given additional training in leadership and management. The duties D.E.C warrant officers typically fulfill are those that would normally call for the authority of a commissioned officer, however, require an additional level of technical proficiency and practical experience that a commissioned officer would not have had the opportunity to achieve. An enlisted D.E.C soldier can apply for the Warrant Officer program after serving at least five years of enlisted service, and reaching the grade of E-4 (Sergeant) for the administrative warrant officer program. If the D.E.C NCO is selected, he or she is given additional training in leadership and management.

O-1 Lieutenants (LT)
Lieutenants is one grade above the rank of Sergeant and one grade below a Captain (O-2 ). Capitans are usually promoted to First Lieutenant after 24 months of commissioned service. Its not uncommon to see officers moved to positions requiring more experience after promotion to Lieutenant. A Lieutenant is generally a rated officer (pilot, navigator, or air battle manager) who has just finished training for his career field and has few supervisory responsibilities.

O-2 Capitains (Capt.)
captain is a company grade officer rank, with the pay grade of O-2. It ranks above lieutenant and below major. Captain generally commands company-sized units. When given such a command, they bear the title Company Commander. Captains also instruct at service schools and combat training centers and are often staff officers at the battalion level. Marine captains also serve as Officer Selection Officers, commanding recruiting stations for commissioned officers.

O-3 Major (Maj)
Major is above Capitains and below Colonel. Major is typically a staff officer, personnel that provides a bi-directional flow of information between a commanding officer and subordinate military units. Mostly a Major would be seen out of the battle field. The purpose of a military staff is mainly that of providing accurate, timely information which by category represents information on which command decisions are based. The key application is that of decisions that effectively manage unit resources. While information flow toward the commander is a priority, information that is useful or contingent in nature is communicated to lower staffs and units.

O-4 Colonel (Col)
A colonel is typically in charge of a regiment in the army. The colonel is usually a military title rated as the highest, or the second-highest field rank below the general. Colonel is a commissioned officer, deriving authority directly from a sovereign power and, as such, hold a commission charging them with the duties and responsibilities of a specific office or position.

O-5 General (Gen)
A general officer is an officer of high military rank, second in command. The term or equivalent is used by nearly every country in the world. The General typically gives orders to his subordinates; and receives information through the Colonel and Major only. Generals are also usually seen behind closed doors, but also have been seen in the battle field among his subordinates. The General is the highest rank of all except for the 'Secretary of Evolutionary Control'. In D.E.C Kaine is the General.

Secretary of Evolutionary Control (S.E.O)
Is the top head of D.E.C, this rank is above General. Direct orders are given to the General to be executed by his army of soldiers. The head of D.E.C is no other than the Vice President of the United States. Operating with out the Presidents knowledge.


Colloquially, "magic" is the term given to the supernatural act of manipulating elements and entities through the use of rituals and spells. In the world of Waking Dream, however, magic is very different from this romanticized "witchcraft" that most are familiar with.

Formally, magic is the term given to the desired effects gained through communication with other planes. In this way, it is only the final link in a complex and systematic chain of events. As such, magic itself isn't contained in matter within our current plane of existence, but rather is the result we see when the matter of our reality is controlled or modified through drawing upon the energies found in oneself, one's surroundings, or other planes.


Magician is the name given to any individual who can perform things that can't be rationalized by science or normal human logic. In some ways, it's the same within the Waking Dream universe. There are some important differences, however.

A magician here is the term given to any individual that can manipulate their own mana to their will. Magicians are aware of the existence of mana and they are able to use it freely, thanks to the accumulated knowledge of generations past. This mana manipulation is what allows magicians to access other planes; it acts as a key to open the doors between worlds, allowing the magician to interact with the more plentiful mana sources found there. In accessing these mana sources, then, each plane containing mana with its own distinct affinities and traits, the magician is able to use this newfound mana to bring about changes in their own world. Not all magicians must go through such a careful process to utilize the mana of the planes, however.

For the most part, interaction with the planes is a precise art practiced with the utmost caution, for the slightest mistake could engulf the user in the flames of a mistakenly accessed plane of fire, or far worse. There are, though, some individuals for whom an affinity with a certain plane comes naturally. These beings are said to be holders of an "inborn trait". As their birthright, these individuals are capable of using the mana of some planes as their own, without the need for the complex chain of events commonplace in magic.

The f uel with which magicians enact their manipulations of the world around them is called mana. Essentially omnipresent, mana is found throughout each plane at varying densities. These varying densities at different areas of a plane are what define the magic potential of a specific site, making some areas better than others for rituals; one common method for mapping the magic potential is the use of leylines, which are linear deposits of high mana concentration whose intersections generally provide the greatest magic potential possible. While mana exists in its greatest concentration dependent upon the leylines, each living being also has its own mana pool to draw from. In many religions throughout the multiverse, the mana contained within living beings has been given a name: the soul. Despite its acknowledgement in such a form, few truly understood how to utilize mana due to the secrecy with which magicians act. For most people, though, this is of no consequence, as the average human's mana pool is so low that they would be unable to communicate with any other plane or even manipulate mana within their own plane. Even within magician families, despite the prominence of eugenic practices, it is not uncommon for individuals to be born with insufficient mana to perform even the smallest of feats.


Magicians are not the only humans with abilities best classified as supernatural. Although the magicians have been around far longer, in recent years there has been an increase in those born with psionic abilities. The term psionics itself is used as a very broad grouping which encompasses nearly all non-magical traits and abilities that people are born with or are discovered later in life, making it less of a distinct classification and more a case of it's not magic, but it seems a lot like it. This distinction is made primarily by the way that abilities are fueled, with magic being powered by mana and psionic abilities using other sources. Unfortunately, these psionic abilities are so varied and unpredictable that up until recently there was no form of guidance for many of the individuals that held such power. Unlike the magicians, with their rigorous schooling and training, those with psionic abilities were much less adept at hiding themselves. Due to a series of incidents, the Department of Evolutionary Control was formed to manage those with psionic abilities, both to protect the public and keep psionics out of the eyes of the world. As the birth rate of such beings continues to increase, though, this job becomes more and more challenging.


A plane is the term given to an area of existence different from our own, each of them a functional reality in its own right. These may also be referred to as dimensions or alternate realities. Our current reality is simply one in a large sea of many realities, and as a result our physics and logic are only so in our own plane and those like ours (more on that later). For example, 2+2=4 is correct in our reality. In a different reality, 2+2=3 could be correct, or even 2+2=left. Because of this, it is advantageous to avoid contact with other planes due to the threat of splitting one's mind to rationalize the rules of existence within these opposite planes.

As stated before, however, there are planes similar to our own. These planes DO follow the same laws of mathematics and physics, and many of them have similar cultural and social phenomena in play as can be found in our own reality. These similar planes are the closest to ours for a reason: the way that our own reality relates to the other planes of existence.

These various planes, both those alike and unlike our own, are altogether known as "the multiverse". It is the structure of the multiverse that allows some planes such outlandish properties while others so closely resemble our own. In simple terms, it has the shape of a snowflake (blatant Planetary ripoff). From the center of this snowflake, the multiverse spreads outward in an endless maze of facets found distal to each of the countless branches that comprise the multiverse. These facets, each of them representative of what can best be termed a planar group, a set of planes that work based upon the same laws of nature, are capable of rotation. This rotation is how the planar groups exist, and also how planes so similar to our own exist. From the starting point of our reality, if the facet were to rotate even an infinitesimally small angle, the end result would be a plane entirely different from our own, yet it would remain similar in many respects. In this way, each of these facets can generate an infinite number of realities.

These individual facets are not completely unrelated to each other, despite their dissimilarity and distance. All planes are connected to each other through a series of threads composed of mana; this system is most easily understood as analogous to the circulatory system of a human being, although they are also often used by magicians to map magic potential in the form of leylines. These threads are what magicians are able to manipulate and communicate through, by altering the flow of the mana along the threads. In this way, it is even possible to take mana from these other planes to allow for far greater feats than would normally be possible for a magician. As it is impossible for almost anything to be able to exist in different planes at the same time, any such mana taken from one plane this way is no longer available to the plane it originally existed in. While the mana of the multiverse is functionally infinite in total, the mana available to any given plane is not meaning these actions can lead to big problems that may offset the balance of the multiverse. As this balance must be maintained for the multiverse to function properly, there are beings which exist to preserve and regulate the multiverse.

The first type of these beings is the Sentinel. These beings are essentially the immune system of the multiverse, their actions designed solely to preserve the multiverse, without any consideration for the value of life. Since the Sentinels are extremely powerful beings of pure mana, they are only ever deployed in truly dire circumstances where all hope has been lost. In the worst case scenario, the Sentinels are even capable of deleting entire planes from reality in order to preserve the whole of the multiverse, although this is a true rarity.

The second type of being, those which are more often encountered, is the Monitor. A Monitor is a formless being which appears as nothing more than an orb of pure mana. In most variants of our world, they have been encountered and described as "orbs", seemingly ethereal balls of energy inexplicably caught on film that are often believed to be ghosts or psychic energy. The purpose of the Monitors is much more innocuous than that of the Sentinels, as they simply exist to observe and record the history as it happens. These observations are compiled altogether into a central repository at the heart of the multiverse, this area known as the Akashic records. Here, in existence outside of time and space, the complete record of existence resides.

Needless to say, these beings and the complexity of the multiverse are not at all common knowledge. The closest thing to the truth most individuals will ever get is a half-baked theory pertaining to the multiplicity of realities that they read in a comic book. But since we have the godly knowledge of creating the Waking Dream universe, we know about them. Everything else (at least those in the primary plane of the Waking Dream universe) does NOT know about their existence.


Communication is the act of making contact with other sources and freely transmitting between the sources. This can be accomplished through a variety of means, including a large natural source of mana, extensive training, or some lesser known methods. As long as you are able to manipulate your mana, you are capable of at least some level of communication. With enough experience and a strong enough mana source, magicians are able to communicate not only with local mana but also that of entirely different planes. Due to the complexity of such feats, though, those magicians born without inborn traits usually require years of study to perfect communication with other planes. This is more of a safeguard than a necessity, however, as most mentors will force their pupils to undergo much more training than is necessary, so when the time comes the pupil will be able to carry out communication without encountering any of the many potential dangers inherent to the act.

The dangers of communication are great. As the magician performing communication is required to use either his own mana or a mana source he has secured, the process can often open the user to the possibility of their mana being hijacked by hostile magicians. If the enemy is experienced enough, it would even be possible for them to drain the user's mana entirely. When this happens, the user will fall into a catatonic state from which awakening is nearly impossible. The dangers of communication are not limited to one's own plane, however. As is possible within one's own plane, the magicians of other planes are similarly able to hijack the mana of unwary communication users.

While communication opens one's mana source to outside attack, so too does it often leave the user's physical body more vulnerable. For some forms of communication, the concentration required is so enormous that the user must go into a meditative state to successfully complete the task. During such a time period, obviously, the user is almost entirely helpless. If attacked physically at such a point in time, there is little one could do to defend himself. It is this vulnerability that has led to the use of barriers, bodyguards, and countless other forms of defense for those that practice the more demanding forms of communication.

External dangers are only one aspect of communication. The user's own inexperience or carelessness are truly his greatest enemies. It is not uncommon for a beginner to jeopardize himself or those around him. By communicating carelessly, one may lose their own mana by exerting too much power, cause instability of the object they are manipulating, drain too much mana from a source such that it becomes unusable in the future, or any number of other possible scenarios. A user's own inexperience is doubly dangerous, in that it not only allows for the difficulties presented above but that it may also make the user a target of others. An exceptionally brash or dangerous communication user will commonly be marked by magical agencies as a danger to magic at large, at which point they will typically be hunted down and executed.

Ultimately, while the process of communication itself is simplistic at its most basic levels, the complexities of the upper echelons of the practice make for an extremely demanding and precise field.

religion & bloodline

In the Waking Dream universe, religion is largely based upon reinterpretation of factual past events. The acts of religious documents or the lore of civilizations are generally accepted to be true to some extent while being entwined with magic. Within the Koran, for instance, Jesus is presented as a magician rather than any type of godly being. The many acts of the Bible, Koran and other religious documents are explainable by magic similarly. Not all events happened exactly as we now hear them, due in part to both mistranslations and purposeful alteration, but they did happen nonetheless.

Within this plane of existence, every deity of each religion has existed at some point in time. They didn't exist as deities, however, as it was their powerful magical abilities that allowed them the awe of their followers. In contrast to most magicians, they took their show on the road and gained massive acclaim from the general public, allowing many of them fame during their lives and far, far into the future. Some of these deities simply excelled on Earth in manipulation of mana, while some others had travelled across planes into our own for their own reasons. Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Japanese mythology, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and all other religions are ultimately nothing more than a byproduct of magic.

Sadly, due to the xenophobic nature of humankind, normal humans eventually began to fear the capabilities of magicians and begun to shun them. Persecution and death followed, as they all too often do. It must be known that magicians are not entirely without blame, as the inhabitants of Sodom would surely have insisted. Still, many magicians were faced with irrational bigotry and discrimination. One example of such persecution is the Salem witch trials, in which one young novice magician was wrongly accused of misusing her powers. Ultimately, such a mistake cost countless magicians their lives in early America. It was gradually decided that being a magician was no longer safe, at least not publically. So as time went by, magic was forced to become a phantasm of its former self. Today, the average individual would sooner believe that scientists had found a way to travel through time than he'd believe a man could light a simple flame through genuine magic just as the magicians would like it.

Despite all hardships they've faced, though, the ancient lineages of deities past continue even today. It's not unthinkable that a house of magic users particularly adept in the use of lightning might be related at some distant point in the past to Thor himself, or that a family known for its incredible necromantic feats may have risen from the line of Jesus. These lineages may not even realize their ancestry, while others may boldly, and wrongly, boast their divine heritage. Even if one's words of their origin hold truth, they'll find no believers. Just as the normal humans don't believe in magicians, magicians don't believe such tales of lofty lineages at least not without a good reason.

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