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Q: Why doesn't one of my names show up on the account list?
A: The email and password for it isn't the same. Log out from your current name on profiles and log into that name to have it show on the account page so you can change it.

Q: How do I set the thumbnail cropping for my profile pic?
A: On the cropping page, you should see 2 versions of your pic. Simply draw a square on the left one to set the thumbnail area and click save. Note : Internet Explorer is known to have problems with the cropping feature, we recommend using Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome, if only for the picture cropping.

Q: Why does my profile still show the old thumbnail after I uploaded a new one?
A: Your old image is cached by your browser. Refresh.

Q: How do I add images inside my profile?
A: You first have to upload your image to some image hosting service, like imageshack. Get the direct link to your image once hosted (ie the image alone and not an HTML page embedding it). In your profile, once in edit mode, click where you want to insert the image in your profile, then click on the "insert image" icon in the toolbar (circled in the picture below)

in the window that opens next, paste the address of your image in the field circled below:

You can also change the way your picture will be displayed or aligned to the text in the "appearance" and "advanced" tabs. Once you're done, click on "insert".

Q: How do I manually edit the HTML?
A: Click on the HTML button :

Q: How do I set a background to my profile?
A: Click the edit CSS button(has an icon with AA) for a container element(usually a

), and click the background tab.

PLEASE STATE YOUR PROBLEM CLEARLY.? Guide on how to ask a good question.
? BAD:
Problem: Can I ask you a question?
Response: Don't ask to ask.
Problem: I can't edit my profile.
Response: What do you mean?..
Problem: I dunno there is no button.
Response: What button?
Problem: The edit button.
Response: You see the name but no button?
Problem: No the name isn't even there.
Response: For this name?
Problem: No.
Response: ... What one then?
Problem: Blah blah some name.
Response: Is that the one you're logged into on profiles?
Problem: No.
Response: Why would the name be there if you aren't even logged into it?
Problem:? I can't see my profile nameX on the account list.? I'm logging into namey on firefox and when I go to the account page I don't see it there.
Response:? Log into the name you want to edit the profile in.? That account does't match the one you're logged into.

Post your support problem or suggestions in the messages tab. I very likely won't reply to any suggestions, but I'll read them. And if you post a suggestion already posted.. that's annoying. ~_~
Do not PM me issues or suggestions.